Here at ADM-Works, we are dedicated to the planning, process, and completion of our client’s designs, ideas, and visions.  Our entire staff is composed of men and woman who are extremely talented in their fields and share the same desire and commitment to continually meet the highest of expectations.


We at ADM are in the business of turning your ideas into reality, drawings into 3 dimensional objects, concepts into being, and the process it takes to get there. We take joy in working side by side with our clients throughout every process to ensure total satisfaction. For over 10 years we have helped artists, designers, engineers, small business and large corporations take their work to full potential, and it is our pleasure to help you do the same.







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In 1991, we created our Industrial Measurement Group, previously named Servco Industrial. This new part of Surveyors Service Company was formed to provide the aerospace companies of Southern California with an alternative to their in-house source inspectors. Our measurement service group using the Wild ManCat System went to local machine shops and tooling companies to inspect McDonnell Douglas, Boeing, Northrop and General Dynamics' tools.

 By 1993 Servco Industrial had grown to three ManCat Theodolite systems and six inspectors and was now being asked to help build / inspect tools all over the country. In 1995 Servco Industrial branched into other industries like automotive, space technology and power plants.

In January 2007, Servco Industrial's Measurement Service Group changed their name to Advanced Digital Measuring Works (ADM-Works) and relocated to a larger facility in Santa Ana, CA. This new larger 20,000 square foot facility incorporates the latest state of the art equipment that not only offers dimensional inspection, reverse engineering and CAD modeling solutions, but also provides tooling, fabrication, and composite manufacturing capabilities.



  • Maintain excellent quality on all projects
  • Timely delivery
  • Finish projects within budgetary constraints
  • Form a cohesive team with the customer to ensure excellent communication and outstanding project outcome



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